Things that I’ve worked on, both professionally and privately.

Vostok Inc

Vostok Inc; a cross-platform (PC, PS4, XBoxOne and PSVita) mash-up of relaxed idle clicker and fast-paced action shooter by Nosebleed Interactive.

The Hungry Horde

A PlayStation Vita title by Nosebleed Interactive. The Hungry Horde is a quirky action/strategy game where the undead don’t kill; they recruit! Starting with just a pair of zombies, collect humans to expand your horde and take over the city! Play a whole host of addictive minigames to gain bonuses and powerups. Collect stickers to unlock new features, expand your collection and take over the world!

Ecopolis Occlusion Culling

Part of my MSc thesis work into fast occlusion-culling algorithms.


Robowrangler was created as a team project during my Master’s course in Computer Games Engineering. The brief was to create from scratch (no game engines, libraries) a game with the central mechanic of “Herding.” Think Flock!, Billy Hatcher, and Pikmin. I was responsible for the rendering side, as well as leading and coordinating the team during the 6-week project.

The objective is to use your flying saucer to herd robots of various colours to the appropriate goal. To accomplish this, the player has a variety of powerups including; repulsive/attractive magnets that affect robots of particular colours and a giant metal ball that can destroy obstacles (as well as your robots!)

Robots of the same colour will “flock” together, which can both help and hinder the player; if the player is careless, the entire flock will naively follow each other to their collective doom. The game uses a deferred rendering system for graphics and a custom-written physics engine.

Christmas Baubles Graphics Demo

This demo was created as part of my Mater’s course in Computer Games Engineering. The brief was to create a “Christmas Baubles” scene featuring as many different rendering effects as possible.

Christmas Baubles Physics Demo

This demo was created as a part of the physics module on my Computer Games Engineering Master’s course. The brief was to create a robust, realtime physics simulation for use in games.

Awesome Squad!

Awesome Squad is a game demo I created as part of my undergraduate computing science degree. It is a Sonic The Hedgehog style platformer, focused on speed.